Finally, I get the score :-)

TOEFL etsHehe… It’s amazing that I get the ‘high’ score in TOEFL test. But.. wait. The score  500 that I get in Paper Based Test wasn’t conclude writing skill and oral presentation :-). It test just consist of listening, structure, ang reading compherehension. So, no wonder If you find a lot of mistakes in my grammar when I try to write in English. The more I try to understand its sctructure , the more I confused. But, show must go on…

As I wrote in my previous post several times ago that I want to continue my study in the surgery departement, the first thing which I have to had was the TOEFL score 500. In my dream,  I’ ll become a surgeon in 6 years later 🙂  The next step to make  my dream  become a reality is preparing myself for the another test. This is just a begining. There are a lot of things to prepare such as academic skill and financial.

I have nothing , but spirit. The strong spirit and high motivation to reach the better life.  The good life is the life wich is not never flat. But it is always be better day by day until our dream comes true. It needs a strictly discipline and an extraordinary effort. Don’t ever say “ I can’t do this”, but say “ I can do this, I really know, I can !”

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