One of the most important things which we must have before going to abroad for continuing our study is that have enough TOEFL score. TOEFL score 500 become the minimum requirement for student who want to study in most of universities in US and Europe. A few of them required the higher score.

In Indonesia, for doctor (Medical Doctor) who want to take specialist, some of universties need TOEFL score such as Airlangga University. When I went there several time ago, I asked them why its required the high score of TOEFL? I got reasonable explanations. Most of textbooks is in English and there is an English class in every departements. In addition, surgery departement has ‘abroad stage’ for senior students. In abroad stage, senior students will be sent to others countries such as Singapore and Japan to study there. So, every students has to master English well.

TOEFL score 550 is too high for me :-). But I’ll try to get it. Never say give up to try. I believe, if I study hard, succesfull will come to me. OK… Semangat bro…!!

4 Tanggapan

  1. Never give up, Never give up, Never give up.
    I waiting for your succes.

  2. Thanks a lot Puang. Wish me luck. May Allah bless u.

  3. how much your TOEFL before? (maksudnya sebelum di airlangga toefl situ berapa? sory b.inggris saya ancur,wkwkwkwkkwkwk)

    saya masih kul semster 2 pak, saya juga niat lulus pengen dapet TOEFL 500..mudah2an ya..Allah mengabulkan niat baik saya…^^ amin

  4. Amin… semoga niatnya kesampaian. Skor toefl sy cuma 470. Blajar yg rajin ya..

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